026We are fans of Nollywood Movies and  really want the Nollywood industry to prosper.  Our desire is to see a Nollywood industry that is excellent in all fields. We ensure that as long as we are around, we are available for any Nollywood Premieres. At Babso.org, we intend to positively review, critique and commend any new Nollywood Movie. Put it this way, just like you have food critics, We are Nollywood Movie Critics. If a food critique goes into a restaurant and praises the restaurant, they are likely to get Michelin Stars, it is therefore our desire that good movies are recognised and those that are not so good go back to the drawing board.

At Babso.org, we have watched so many Nollywood Movies in various languages and believe us, some of these movies have no right to be on air, the actors are bad, the language, the props etc all have reasons to be corrected. Some actors go into speaking phonetics when they just cannot do it, some try the American or Caribbean accents and are aweful. On the other hand, we have some that are polished and deserve credit. We believe that scripts should be properly researched before a movie is made.

The criteria for review are as follows:

  • Picture Quality
  • Sound
  • Cast & how they portray story line
  • Story line
  • Overall performance

Each of these is awarded a mark of 10 points and the total is doubled to give a final score out of 100. Finally the total points awarded are divided by 10. We also recommend whether or not we would recommend the movie. Our readers would be allowed to comment and we would justify our scores. As much as possible, we would try to be objective and fair.


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