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DSC_0060At Babso.org, we are committed to reviewing Nollywood Movies with integrity using set criteria. We are a group of people that have a passion to see the Nollywood industry grow and develop to an excellent standard such as those in Hollywood and even Bollywood. We are not about bringing down any of the movies or events that we review, but are about making them aware that they can strive for excellence and bring Nollywood to the highest levels. At the moment, we have started our review with Nollywood Movie premieres in the United Kingdom but in 2014 and beyond would expand to premires in the United Staes, Canada and Africa. We would also take time to review other entertainment events in the UK such as the BEFTA awards, ZAFAA awards, beauty competitions etc.

Babso – Lead Reviewer Babso was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1990 and went on to complete an MBA. He has a passion for the Nollywood industry. In his early years both in primary and secondary schools, he was involved in stage productions and acted several lead roles While in University, he managed one of the lead roles in Ripples one of the Soap Operas in Nigeria in the late 80’s early 90’s. While in Nigeria, Babso was always in National Theatre, City Hall or University of Lagos to watch any of the big productions which included plays by the late Ogunde, Baba Sala and even Village Headmaster live which were the big names of the day. When the Nollywood movie started to develop, Babso joined a video club that sent 6 movies at a time and watched almost 12 movies in a week by video. This was when films came in as many as three parts. With Nollywood coming on TV in the UK, Babso subscribed to Nollywood Movies and Iroko TV and while on holiday in Africa always had African Magic. When movies started premiring in the UK, Babso took an active interest and has watched almost all Nollywood premieres in the UK. Babso has watched a lot of Nollywood movies both in English, Yoruba, Hausa and recently Ibo. He has also watched Ghananian movies under the auspicies of Nollywood. Through the years, Babso has developed friendships with Nollywood directors, producers, scriptwriters, cinematographrers and actors and shared his vision with them of where he wants the Nollywood industry to be. Babso is of the view that whilst some of the players in the industry are making effort to project towards excellence, others are just producing shabby stuff not worth watching. Nike Finally Babso believes that like in any field, training is necessary and as such those that want to direct, produce or be involved in any capacity in the industry should have the necessary training to do so. In the corporate world emphasis is on continuous development and this should be the case in Nollywood even with our actor /actresses.

  • Naimat Nike Timson – Associate Reviewer

Naimat’s interest in entertainment started at very young age when she developed a strong passion for singing and acting. Her earlier love and exposure to acting started through the late Mr James McNair the father of Nigerian Neo-soul singer Janelia McNair, who produced show like Jimmy Mac puppets show and Riddle of life.

She remembers her passion for Nigerian Movies started with movies by Hubert Ogunde’s Aiye and Jayiesimi, Ade Afolayan (Ade love) Taxi driver etc. so when Nollywood was born she religiously watched every movie that came out. She realised that some of these movies were good and some not so good and that was what propelled her to becoming interested in reviewing and critiquing Nollywood Movies. Nollywood has grown from what it was 10 years ago and produced a lot of great as well as up and coming Producers & Directors and she believes there are still rooms for improvements.

She believes a reviewer is every Producers nightmare but her desire is to see the Nollywood industry grow to a place of excellence and compete with the Hollywood industry and she believes with time they can get there if the people in the industry work hard to make it happendocument.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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